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Thursday 16th June

Clickeu la foto. Heu de mirar el vostre nom i el vostre usuari i password a la graella. Després heu d'anar a la pàgina on està el vostre dossier digital. Allà us trobeu amb aquesta caixeta on heu de posar el usuari i el password.

I entrareu al vostre dossier! Si voleu anar fent feina a l'estiu en teniu un munt!
Més avall de la graella amb els noms i els passwords hi ha recomanacions de llibres per llegir al costat de la piscina, al càmping, a casa!!
Passeu-ho bé i m'ho expliqueu al setembre!

Thursday 9th june


Thursday 4th June
Here is a purpose for you. Enjoy it!

Tuesday 26th May

Here are the lyrics

Tuesday 19 th May
The Bear Hunt
Listen the story

Then, Read the story

And here you have an activity

Tuesday 12th May
Click the bread. You have a worksheet withs an audio, you have to listen and read. You have an exercise.

Click the dough and watch the video.

Click the photo. There is a worksheet to do the recipe and learn how to make bread!!

Tuesday 5th May
Click The apple and review the vocabulary.

You can do the activities on a document by clicking the big apple.

You can do the same activity on this web, Liveworksheets.
Click the apples.

Tuesday 28th April
1. Read and learn the new vocabulary, here.
2. Look for the food at home, write the name in a paper and take it a photo.
Busca per casa el menjar del vocabulari, posa-hi una etiqueta fran amb el nom en anglès, i fes-hi una foto, me l'envies a helena.english@escolamarenostrum.com.

3. Click on the photo, open a copy of the document, complete de sentences with the vocabulary, use I like/ I don't like, and draw your favourite food.

Can animals do this (Can or can't), una ficha interactiva de victor

Tuesday 21st April
Hello! Here you are the first activity for you:

Click the photo. You have the cut out. Print, cut and colour, you can paste them on a cartonpaper. You can play with your parents, brothers and sisters:
- Game 1: As a domino. Match an animal with a part of its body.
- Game 2: Guess the animal, you can do some questions to your partner: Has it got two legs? Has it got wings? Has it got scales, feathers, hair?...Yes, it has/No, It hasn't.

Advice: Don't be tricky!!

These are  My Special Amazing Animal Cards !!
If you click the photo you will have my Animal cards. You can cut them, paste on a cartonpaper, maybe cover them with plastic, and you can play lots of games: guess, classify, describe, ... 


But, If you want more... here you are the worksheets about the cards. 

Remember, this week you don't have to show me your activities (If you don't want to,  of course... if you do, I will be happy to have a look on them!)
 Some interactive activities for you:

Tuesday 14rd April

Hi kids, click the photo and you can download a worksheet.

Your parents can make a copy, write your name,  and you can write the answers. Then, Share to the email helena.english@escolamarenostrum.com. The subject is English activity 1. You can share it on Tuesday 21st April.

Enjoy Easter with Arts&Crafts!

Hi Amazones and Niagara!! Third week!

Let's do some grammar

Review the days of the week

Do you like a stories? Here you are the Rainbow Fish story. Enjoy it!

Now it's time to learn a song! Let's go to the zoo and learn what animals do : jump, slither...

Learn some vocabulary about the animal bodies

Now, you can learn about fish:

-Fish are born from an egg.
-Fish live into the water.
-Fish have got cold blood.
-Fish have got scales.
-Fish have got gills.

   How many fish can you name?

Hi Kids!! Second week! 
                                                   To start, do some exercise!

Now, you can learn a song about mammals. Remember:

- Mammals are born from the belly.
- Mammals have got hair.
- Mammals have got hot blood.
- Mammals can live in the Earth and in the     sea.

          How many mammals can you name??


Let's dance!

Click the link and go to ESL page


Practice the vocabulary of the house

Practice prepositions and clothes

You can learn the vocabulary of clothes. Click the photo below.

This is a game to practice the clothes in English, click the picture below.

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